Jun 30

Design Your Own Wedding Clothes

You are preparing a wedding dress? If it does have more budget, it could not hurt to design your own dream wedding dress. These tips:

A. Find someone who can help design your wedding dress. Previous preview samples of designs that have been made. If you have family or relatives who are good at designing clothes, may also be an option to design the wedding dress.

2. Take time enough to talk with your designer clothes. Can talk about fashion collections, etc.. From the beginning, remind the designer to consistently follow a schedule to meet you and he’s made.

3. Write down all the details discussed with your designer dress. If there were expenditures, do not forget to note also that at the time of payment will be no misunderstandings.

4. Once everything is agreed, start sharing your ideas to the designer. In making the dress, consider the theme and wedding location. To add a reference, we can see the magazines or wedding site. Wedding dress shops or boutiques can also be an additional idea.

5. Choose a gown that accentuates the design advantages of your body. A professional designer should be able to recommend the design of what is appropriate for his client. Of course you also have to be comfortable with the design of dress / party dress makes.

Jun 30

Your Wedding Photo Tips

Capture the moments of happiness on the wedding day must be an integral part of a series of events on your special day. Every meaningful moment immortalized in a photograph or video. If you decide to use the services of wedding photography as a medium to capture the happiness, here are tips that can hopefully be additional knowledge about photography for your wedding.

A. Wedding photo package with high prices is not a guarantee that you will get good quality. Bridal photo quality is not only linked to the amount it cost, really. If you wisely choose, and hopefully if you also know at least a few basic things about photography you will be more keen to find a studio or photographer who does not make your wedding budget out of bounds.

2. An inexpensive package. Hey, a friend who loves photography to say that photography is not a generic product. So you do not immediately choose the products at very cheap prices and below average regardless of quality. It is true that expensive is not necessarily offer the best quality, but do so directly choose the least expensive home. Note the correct wedding photo quality if the price offered was below average.

3. Photo Studio. If you choose to do a photo studio wedding photos that have more than one photographer, make sure you know the true results of his work. You can pick and choose which photographer you’d like to work together. Before the day of the shooting arrived, a time to first meet with the photographer. Your wedding photo but will be part of the documentation will also be a work of art, therefore chemistry and understanding between you, your partner, and the photographer must be built first before the shooting is done. It’s also useful to know the style that suits you and your partner.

4. Black & White. If black and white wedding photo to be your choice, the following tips you need to refer to. Make sure that the photographer will deal directly with your photos are. Almost impossible to get a print-quality black and white photo unless the photographer handle it alone. With digital technology is now widely applied in the world of photography, be sure also that you agree to the range of colors in your photos. Details on the most wanted highlighted, and the shadow in the background is to consider the details before you agree to print the image.

5. Lighting. “Umbrella” and the boxes contained in the studios used to make wedding photography lighting softer. For that you should really listen to your appearance before photographed. Note the gradation of a white wedding dress if you will look pretty sharp turn, for this you have to do is reflect on the glass three-dimensional, not just on a flat mirror that you normally do.

6. Photographic negative. Departure as smooth as possible “call” a photographer who offers only a negative image as a bonus. If you want to enlarge the photo size from medium format to the size of the canvas paintings, for example, make sure you also print a negative image in a professional studio. Need of patience, of course, and also cost more, but it’s really worth wedding photography to remember your happy day.

7. Contract. If you make a deal on wedding photographs, for example, the number of photos that you will receive, whether you want to get your photos on CD or not, do not just put his trust in words alone. Make sure that you and your lover make a written agreement with the studio or individual photographer who will capture your memories and your partner. The simplest form of a written agreement is proof of payment with details of products and services you will receive as their customers.

8. Last suggestion, you should, you still prefer a full-time photographer. Not that part-time photographers are not qualified, not at all. It’s just that there is a tendency of people who devote themselves to the total in his work producing better work. Unless you are sure that the part-time photographer that you want in your wedding photo’s quality.

Jun 30

Tips For Beautiful Cut Flowers Stay Fresh

A. Pay attention to the bottom of the shaft. Choose flowers / floral, clean the bottom of the trunk. If the part is already soggy or smelly, it’s saved at least 24 hours of outdoor air.
2. For flowers and flower arrangements that are stored in the refrigerator space, the tip of the stem is usually clean. But we can still their age by examining the strength of the trunk. Choose a rod that is still hard.
3. When the flower shop / place to sell flowers, buy flowers in the bud. Flowers that had bloomed a sign he had lived a little.
4. Point of sale should be bought in flower petals in a state still closed cone of paper or plastic that protected the flower crown.
5. If the distance between the flower shop and your house is quite far away, have a container of water as a place of interest in order to prevent dryness. If you buy flowers online, more cautious again. Because flowers online you can not see directly in place.

A. Cut the side that sticks to the absorptive surface area.
2. Use shears or a sharp knife to cut the stems. Do not use paper or fabric scissors, because it can be clamped and cut stems.

A. Clean the container with your hands or a foam. Shaking with water will not be enough to clean up the elements can change the chemical properties of water.
2. Do not clean container with soap because soap residue can alter the chemical properties of water.
3. Fill the container with clean water to taste. Importantly, the water can soak the bottom of the shaft.

A. Before entering the flower in the container, first clean the stems of the leaves and thorns.
2. Clean the bottom of the stem of the mucus and feces that can contaminate the water.
3. We put flowers (such as ornamental flowers), not to get the leaves are submerged in water in the container. The process of cooking food by having leaves residue in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2). When the carbon dioxide locked in the water and absorbed by plants again, of course, will damage the plants (ornamental flowers) earlier.

A. Replace water in flower containers every day. When replacing, cut the bottom stems over 1 cm. The lower part is usually undergo a process of decay.
2. Avoid cut flowers from exposure to direct sun and strong winds blowing.
3. Flowers are placed in the conditioned space age flowers usually have a relatively shorter. This is due to bad air circulation and low humidity. In addition to diligently replace the water, give the flowers a chance “to breathe” by putting them in open space (which is not affected by exposure to the sun) or room air circulates well.

A. Consider the basic needs of climate flowers. Hydrangea flowers that grow in cold regions, for example, if brought to the high-temperature region, the crown tends to change color and rolled away.
2. For durability, the local interest is usually more durable because it fits with the local climate. There is even a kind of banana which could last two weeks.
3. For imported flowers such as lilies and tulips, usually arrived at the flower shop in immature or not yet in full bloom. Use of crushed aspirin dissolved in water, can accelerate the process of expansion, but shorten the life of flowers.