Jun 22

Start Event Organizer Business

Event Organizer engaged in the world is indeed a pleasure in itself. Although we often feel very tired, but it is stored behind a sense of pride and joy. Sense of pride when we hold a successful event and as expected, and glad to work with a fun team.

But there are some major things that need to be taken into account before we decided to venture into business Event Organizer, among others:
A. Stock of experience of organizing events.
2. Creative and innovative ideas.
3. Business contacts (client / sponsor) is quite strong.
4. Event Organizer capital sufficient.
5. A solid and loyal team.
Although it looks very simple but actually five points above are things that are quite heavy. Most people say that the business world’s Event Organizer is easy, but not necessarily. There are so many obstacles that we face and this certainly is not light. Not to mention when compared with a list of other event organizers are increasingly flourishing. But the real key lies in perseverance and hard work, that’s the most important capital we should have.

Here are five points above so that we can truly understand the key points in the business starting EO so as to avoid obstacles or traps that are very likely to occur and to compete with the services of another event organizer.

A. Stock of experience of organizing events.
Knowingly or not, the actual provisions that we have as managers of the event since we started our school. Committee that we follow at times it can be packed experience. At the very least, we already know the procedures to manage the activities of the proposal to execution in the field (event management)

2. Creative and innovative ideas.
Remember, EO business is business communication and business entertainment, satisfaction and interest to be very important to note. When there is no good ideas and creativity, get ready to bite the fingers. However, creativity does not necessarily original, developed as for an idea that was not a problem. That is exactly what is called innovation.

3. Business contacts (client / sponsor) is quite strong.
Support the business relationship, be it the client or sponsor, is the key to success or failure of events we hold. Before deciding to go into business EO, we must look back if we have a strong business network or not? Because it is they who will be buying or refinance our creative ideas. If we do not have a business network, is not really a big problem. Obviously with us to build confidence in the EO, the business network will be formed by itself. But keep in mind that the EO we will not grow as fast as if we already have a previous business network.

4. Sufficient working capital.
As I mentioned earlier, that in starting a business, capital is absolutely necessary. EO for business, we need to set up primarily to meet the financial capital purposes such as EO, Taking care of business legality (CV or PT), renting an office, procurement of office equipment, telecommunications costs, the cost of preparation of the event (rental of musical instruments, sound system, etc.) , and others. To meet some of these certainly are not enough with a piece of two sheets of rupiah. Quite large indeed, if we do not have enough financial capital, we can look for investors.

5. A solid and loyal team.
EO is a team, and find a solid team that is not easy. Moreover, event organizers are so many activities. Taking a new team for the newly formed EO did not I suggest. We recommend that in setting up an EO, we invite some of our colleagues who have long worked together with us and proved solidity and loyalty. There are so many things that a potential conflict during the preparation of the event. Much easier to understand each other when problems between teams working with his own than with people who are new so we know the problems that occurred did not propagate into major problems that adversely affect survival.

All returned to you, whether you are really ready to plunge into the valley EO spiked in the business world? We are ready to compete with the event organizer Jakarta Indonesia or even another event organizer?

Welcome pioneering business event organizer.

Jun 22

Music Studio Rental Tips

Rental Studio Music Business Tips

Some things to note and important to stay in business rental of musical instruments.

A. Priority is always the consumer is king.
Treat it as special as possible and scolds friendly as possible. Often are broken by a drum stick on a rental tenant, does not mean we have the right to get angry. Perforated skin often occurs because inspiration snare beat songs with passionate we reserve the right to grumble, grumble. How else to rent the tenant issued his pocket music studio to hone their skills in playing music. Here should be made in the rules, if any faulty equipment is not intentional or accidental, would that put the owners of the rules of the game in a visible place.

2. Maintenance Items (Musical Instruments, Sound System)
It is important to rejuvenate the music studio equipment (instrument, speaker and Lighting Studio) on a regular basis, its minimal maintenance. Skin on the drum if it is not the desired sound can be replaced or at least the “tunning” repeated. Stringed-Stringed on the guitar to be replanted (guitar service / service musical instrument) in order to remain in good konsidi. Hygiene maintenance on equipment and instruments better if done one hour before rental studio opened.

3. Advertise
Gradually spread the advertising and promotion of the music studio in the form of leaflets scattered directly on the street or in a sticky in places frequented as a music store / music store. Schools, Colleges, and if necessary Wartel on sidewalks also. And do not forget to distribute the ads are in accordance with the time. Suppose that before the holidays or weekends. This promotion is obligatory to be implemented at least once a month, do not consider this activity a waste of money. No, actually, is an effective way to search for new subscriptions.
Also provide stickers to be distributed to tenants, an old trick is actually very effective, real dech! suwer! especially if the sticker that we make very interesting.

4. Programs and Discounts
Hold a program is always attractive discounts. For example, three times the rent studio minmal 2 hours will be provided free of charge a full hour. Or a minimum of 3 hours rental will be given free soft drinks. It could also be a minimum of 3 hours rental voucher will be collected up to 10 vouchers can be exchanged free 1 hour lease. What are and how to do it.

As I write if this is a business venture as a “very long” to “turnover” Because of this especially includes business services. 1 The first year is a waste of money, yes! to attract new tenants, for advertising, and survive if it is empty tenant, surviving is his intention to pay for the service, garbage fees. electricity, telephone and others. Just a small piece of advice he could also sell the clothes that related to music. Or other accessories related to music, such besides t-shirts, accessories such as bandanas, necklaces, rings, earrings and others.