Jun 27

Differences in educational and non educational toys

In essence the world’s children are playing, learning for the child = child play or entertainment. When we ask children to learn means to take her children to play or entertainment. Whereas for adults to learn = work = load,  :). Educational toys intended to be a partner in the child’s play to be more focused. Once again, instead of playing partner study partner. Because it / click any more of its own non-educational toys and educational. Its features are:

Involving children in the toy game. Example: cooking appliances in the kitchen could be called educational toys when children are playing the role of cooking. Children involved in the concept of play. Another example: The clock can be called when a child educational toys for children to play knowing the time involved in the process of playing. While the robot-car  or less involved children. Because the robot to move themselves and play their own children, so the audience 🙂 wrote.
There are the final results achieved from playing the object. Play doll cats, rabbits, dogs can be directed to introduce the types of animals that children are not afraid of the animal. Hence, the dolls are categorized educate them are close to their original shape without leaving the fun world of children. If the rat is described as Micky Mouse children’s original shape can be misled mice. Or a spider like spiderman? : (
Educational toys are props game. So do not stand alone educational toys. There is a concept that must be played in which there is a purpose, message, and kids entertainment value and to be conveyed to the child. Like playing the aim is to train motor sew a child’s hand, his message was the son should wait to pursue one process to another and instill the value of regularity and patience.  Any safe home for children
Educational toys miniature child’s life. In essence we want to train children to become independent human beings. Introducing the world to children and the attitude of what is best for the child in entering the real world. Therefore it is not uncommon form of educational toys objects around us such as fruits, cooking, etc.. But not all things are safe for children, such as knives, needles, etc.. They were replaced with educational toys. Educational toys should not be so harmful to children.

So the vast educational toys, not exclusive of certain toys. Okay, because it’s late I’ll continue. There is still much we need to know.